Training Overview

We can take content and develop training materials for the computer or in hard copy form. We’ve developed training programs by “translating” regulatory content or “boiling down” seminar manuals.

A typical training package includes

  • Breakdown of the main points and how they apply to intended audience
  • Workbook with a full narrative of regulation, etc., (as applicable)
    • examples to illustrate points
    • scenarios/exercises that apply to job function (as applicable)
  • Testing
  • Trainer instructions, handouts, etc (as applicable)

  • PLC & HMI Programming
  • Motion Control
  • Robotic Work Cell
  • Robot Teaching
  • Machine Safety Consulting
  • Turn-Key Automation Solutions
  • Equipment Integration
  • Project Management
  • Custom PC Software Solutions
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Panel Building
  • Embedded Development
  • Mechanical Design Services


E-Learning  - We can convert hard copy training content/programs into an interactive learning experience for the user – with Q&A, scenarios, examples, and testing that is trackable using LMS, Learning Management System, or SCORM, Sharable Content Object Reference Model.