The Policy Checkup Program for Community Banks

The Policy Checkup Program for Community Banks has the same look and feel as the Bank Compliance Checkup Program.

This program is designed to aid you in your review of your bank's policy system.

Policy Checklist Program Categories


The checklists in this section are to assist with a review of the bank’s policy for a given topic. If the bank does not have an individual policy for a specific regulation, use the regulation specific policy to determine if the bank addresses the regulation specific requirements in another related policy e.g., that Regulation E is addressed in the deposit account policy.

Watch for additional policy checklists in future updates.

Categories include:

Deposit Regulations Policy Checklists:

  • Regulation DD
  • Regulation CC
  • Regulation E

Lending Regulations Policy Checklists:

  • Regulation B
  • Regulation Z
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)
  • Flood
  • Appraisals

Management Policy Checklists:

  • Deposit Accounts Policy
  • Lending Policy
  • Real Estate Lending Policy
  • Loan Review Policy